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Specialist Advisory Services

For companies experiencing financial downturn, we assist in the preparation for liquidation, bankruptcy and dismissal:

Conduct financial investigation and litigation support
Examine the company's internal financial logistics problems
Advise on corporate or debt restructuring scheme
Provide company's receivership in liquidation and court cases
Provide voluntary winding up and compulsory winding up service
Prepare financial statements for the court
Attend court hearings to give professional advice
Assist in reaching settlement out of court

Business Advisory Services
Conduct due diligence and feasibility study for projects involving foreign capital investment
Identify major non-compliance, advise on rectification measures and risk minimization
Advise on corporate restructuring, including share transfers, transfer of businesses, mergers and divisions
Advise on reorganization of capital structures
Formulate deal models
Draft joint-venture contracts and articles of associations
Apply for government's regulatory approvals
Prepare real estate construction project budgeting and billing models
Provide services to non-profit organization and charitable associations
Provide support to human resource in areas such as: applying for work permit, residency permit and Z visa for expatriates; filing of IIT returns, preparing
      and distributing payroll
Provide insight on how to meet management goals and enhance business growth

Note: Some of the services are provided by relevant professional service companies

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